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"Thanks to Miller Public Adjusters, the insurance company finally paid what was owed and we could rebuild our house and get back to normal."

Claims We Handle in Illinois

Illinois Insurance Claims We Can Handle

Miller Public Adjusters is an expert loss consultant in Illinois who can handle hail and wind storm claims, fire and smoke damage claims, as well as flood damage and water damage claims.
Claims we Handle


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Illinois Public Insurance Adjusters

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  • Miller Public Adjusters is one of the top licensed public adjusters in Illinois serving Chicago, Surrounding Suburbs, Rockford, Springfield, and beyond.
  • Have you had a recent residential or commercial property damage claim in Illinois? Do you need with your property damage insurance claim help in Illinois?
  • Below is a list of services we offer a public adjusters in Illinois to help maximize your insurance claim.

Public Adjuster Services in Illinois

  • We are licensed Public Adjusters in Illinois.  We represent residential and commercial property owners interests, not the insurance company, in a property damage claim.
  • An Illinois Public Adjusters job is to be an advocate for the policyholder and work to investigate, document, negotiate, and expedite a claim to obtain a more satisfactory claim in the interest of YOU, the policyholder.
  • Public Adjusters can address closed claims and under paid claims as well as address the scope of damages, negotiate ALE(additional living expenses), calculate a loss of income for businesses, create contents lists for your damaged inventory, and above all, understand your insurance policy to maximize your insurance claim settlement, while saving you time and eliminating stress.  

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Claims We Handle in Illinois

We are licensed Public Adjusters in Illinois where we handle a wide array of property damage claims. Whether you are a business owner or homeowner who has suffered a property damage insurance claim in Illinois, Miller Public Adjusters has the expertise and knowledge to acheive a successful claim settlement.

Claims we Handle

Water and Mold Damage Claims

  • We handle all types of water damage claims in Illinois, such as pipes bursting or freezing, equipment failure, backup or sewage, or flooding to name a few.
  • Once water has damage your home or business, mold can start growing with days after and lead to costly and expensive remediation.
  • Working with Miller Public Adjusters, we will evaluate your residential or commercial property policy to understand what types of coverage you have for your particular water loss. maximize your fire damage claim in Illinois.

Storm Damage Claims

  • If your have property damage from wind, tornado, hail, or from a storm, it is necessary for your home or your business to have proper representation.
  • Without proper representation, insurance companies will always have the upper hand in your hail damage or storm damage claim.
  • Illinois storm damage claims can be very complex and Miller Public Adjusters are experts in interpreting policy language and negotiating your property damage claim for a maximum settlement.

Fire and Smoke Damage Claims

  • Whether you are a homeowner or business owner in Illinois, we can assist you in any type of smoke damage, soot damage, or fire damage claim.
  • We are Illinois fire and smoke damage claim experts.
  • Your insurance companies job is to minimize the fire claim as much as possible. Miller Public Adjusters works in your best interest to maximize your fire damage claim in Illinois.

Illinois Insurance Appraiser and Umpire

  • Miller Public Adjusters can act as your insurance appraiser or insurance umpire when there is any dispute in your property damage claim in Illinois.
  • An insurance appraiser is an expert disinterested, and impartial professional who is picked by the policyholder to evaluate the claim, value the property or amount of the loss.
  • Depending on your policy, each party must pick their own impartial appraiser when the insurance appraisal clause is invoked.
  • Finally, when a loss such as, water damage, storm damage, or fire damage has occurred to your home or business in Illinois, an experienced and licensed Public Adjuster is your only way to ensure a fair and maximum claim settlement. Contact Miller Public Adjusters today to get started speaking with an experienced Public Adjuster in Illinois.